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10 months ago

Emotions and crying

Does anyone else have trouble crying at a funeral? Like I'm sad and know I should be crying and I want to cry because it's a sad situation, but I just can't cry. But I can watch a movie, I'll use Harry Potter as an example and every time without fail. After Dumbledore is killed and they raise their wands in his honor, I cry.

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Yes! I also have inappropriate reactions to things. Like laughing when people are upset. Or crying when people are happy. It makes no sense.

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I’ve experienced this before! For someone that I didn’t have much of a bond with I sobbed at their funeral. I’ve realized over the past few years that I cry at almost everything. I am not afraid to show that I’ve been crying and going through a hard time. I’m just now starting to realize when my body is getting overwhelmed.

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We are among the most loyal, caring and loving people. Crying is a natural response that works for the individual. There’s no right or wrong time to cry, do it when you feel, appreciate yourself for feeling strong emotions. Marley dying in Marley and Me, ruined me!

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