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7 months ago

Social interaction

I’m not good on interaction or socialise in social media. I just realised some people put like on my done tasks. Thank you 🙏

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I’m severely introverted, and socially awkward, then to top it all off I’m agoraphobic. So I never leave my house. So I have only one real friend. Who now lives in LA. I don’t do social media except for this. And it’s hard for me, I’m forcing myself because at least we’re all like-minded, so it feels kindred. But I get insecure. Like, what will others think of me? I’m so stupid for this post!!! Or, it was WAY TOO LONG!!! Lots of insecurity issues here! And feelings of inferiority. So being here has been good. But it’s a struggle all the same. The ONLY people I talk to regularly are my two boys, seven and six years old. And my husband when he has energy or time between his two jobs. But he’s insanely introverted and tired. So he’s not always open to talk. So I just keep to myself. I’ve spent my whole life this way. So honestly, I am 100% ok with a lack of socializing or being around others. I actually prefer the solitude. It’s more comforting to me than being around others. That can amp up my anxieties and sensories.

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I feel very similar to you, but only recently I realized that it's not possible to remain sane in the absence of someone to talk to. I thought for many years that the emotionally safe thing to do was just keep to myself. Sometimes weeks would go by without me speaking to anyone else. Other than my Chihuahua buddy, that is. Now I realize that thinking I could be an island unto myself and isolate for the rest of my life was a bit of a cope. It didn't require any effort on my part, so deep loneliness disconnection were the only drawbacks, or so I told myself. But, enough years of nothing but one-sided conversations with a tiny dog went by and I began to realize that, though I was comfortably numb, I was slowly going insane. Solitary confinement is considered a harsh punishment for a reason. You don't have to make any gigantic leaps, only incremental progress is necessary for growth. But make an effort to confront something that challenges you every day. Voluntarily accustom yourself to tolerate discomfort and you will be able to take bigger steps as you progress. Soon you will look back and realize that you are easily doing things that were impossible for you only a short time ago. Remember, you are growing into a more abundant life that the ones you love will benefit from as well.

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I’m not good with social interaction either. I’m very introverted. There are very few people I talk to regularly…only those I feel close to: my two sons and two friends.


Good morning and what’s your plan for the day ?? I’m carter and I don’t mind getting to know you better,if that’s okay with you??

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Sorry I just saw this message now 😅 I just worked as usual ..

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