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10 months ago

I talk to much

I need to learn how to edit my sentences. I talk too much and I can tell it annoys people especially when I first meet someone. It’s hard to process in the moment and it’s really frustrating

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I feel you. I used to talk so much that my own voice was annoying to my ears. (I still do that sometimes with old friends from high school) over time i ended up just shutting up / closing off and before you go there i want to tell you that this is really not a solution. I miss how funny and energetic i was before and i can’t seem to go back to it. Listening to other is very important but it’s okay to talk a lot too. It means you’re not boring. Just make sure that what you say is actually informing/funny or useful even if you take 3 detours to get there. (And when you tell long stories, try to do a short sentence at the end to summarize)

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We’re trying!

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totally feel you. I usually, instead of focusing on the things I want to say, try to focus on what the other person might answer. it makes me excited to hear their point of view and most of the time helps with my otherwise constant interrupting (unless they are taking too long to answer or I can literally predict what they are going to say lol)

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