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10 months ago

Brushing Teeth

I know it's so stupid but I literally can't remember to brush my teeth every day or I feel too overwhelmed to get out of bed and brush them, I'll remember and then forget and that cycle goes on for a while. Anyone got any tips to remember?

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I tend to forget to do it most days if I don’t take a shower. I keep an extra toothbrush in the shower and that makes it easier for me. On days I don’t have enough energy to take a shower, I honestly just use mouthwash. My dentist always tells me my mouth looks pretty healthy so I don’t worry much about it, but I do want to change that habit.

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It’s the first thing I do in the morning and last thing I do before bed - I go to the restroom, brush my teeth, put in/take out my contacts. Maybe make yourself do it as a task related to your morning routine, like I do with going to the restroom in the morning? Something you have to do. Put it on your task list twice too - repeated daily! Take care of those teeth! You only have one set and cavities suck, people hate bad breath, and it’s good for your health!

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It’s ridiculous how overwhelming something SO simple feels. I brush in the shower regardless of when I shower which helps more than anything I think. When there are days that I don’t shower, if I have to leave the house that’ll typically push me to brush. Otherwise, I think this wisps idea is genius & I’m going to start doing it

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if you don’t brush when you think of it, swish your mouth out with water. A dentist did a presentation I attended recently and she said that helps at least decrease the acidity in your mouth. I also bought a pack of Wisps to keep on my nightstand and in my car for when I (often) forget. They’re tiny disposable toothbrushes with toothpaste already on them.

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I have the same problem. I can never seem to remember at an ideal time, and I always plan to do it later and then inevitably forget for days at a time.

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