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Clinical psychologist evaluation, neuropsychiatrist waitlist or private psychiatrist waitlist here because public Psychiatric Services won't treat / prescribe medications here *simulant medications

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Psychiatrist is best option, look for someone that specialises in adhd for adults if you can get in with them because they will be able to give an accurate diagnosis and help you the best

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You can always schedule with a neuropsychologist, but they tend to ask for a referral. I don't know exactly where you're from, but where I am most doctors refer to neuropsych for assessments due to "med seeking" behavior. Kinda ridiculous. I work in mental health and as soon as someone says "I think I have ADHD," let me tell you people love going through their records to find one little word that suggests past substance use to discredit individuals.

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l lived in a city with a big university hospital who have a neuro/psych division which offers adult ADHD diagnostic. Had to wait several months for the process to start. In my case it was more than some questionnaires. It consisted of three separate appointments and a lot of different questionnaires I had to give them beforehand. I had to do practical tests (reaction time etc) and in depth discussions about my past and present experiences with ADHD in my life. It ended with a very good final appointment where they explained what my options are (therapy, meds, etc.), what kind of doctors to look up and what kind of therapy to get. Also they gave me a written letter with all the details from our conversations and their conclusions leading to the diagnosis.

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I also went through my GP after researching ADHD after my daughter was diagnosed not realising my whole life what I had thought was normal was in fact ADHD normal. I was referred to a psychiatrist for depression instead however emailed the psychiatrist explaining I was after a ADHD diagnosis and don't bother if you can't help me. They responded saying they could definitely help and sent through questionnaires. My first appointment was diagnosed and given a script and told that I can breathe now and the meds will just help dial down everything in my mind so I can be myself. It was instant relief and like a weight lifted off my shoulders after that appointment and hearing those words. I hope you find someone as understanding as mine was ☺️

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I went to my GP. They referred me to a psychiatrist , and they did an evaluation. Mine did a questionnaire or a survey. After it was confirmed he gave me a prescription.

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