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1 year ago


Hello just want to share a rare moment of joy I am experiencing this evening - I have felt extremely low recently (dw I’m getting help haha) since my partner ended our long term relationship a few months ago. I’ve felt awful every day with little rest from it but somehow this evening my brain has managed to get that dopamine going and I’m feeling so relieved to finally be learning about my adhd and my entire life is beginning to make sense! I’m undiagnosed (which is what I think contributed to my breakup) and have been struggling with a lot of the anti self-diagnosis talk in the media at the moment, but tonight I feel confident that I’m right despite what people say. I hope that anyone who is really struggling like me right now can see some positivity in this. Thanks for letting me vomit this out 😂 (Photo unrelated, just a cool wildflower I saw the other day)

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Hope things get better for you!

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