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1 year ago


I just recently got diagnosed at 20 years old with adhd and I was wondering if others also did a lot of creative ventures all the time or is that more jsut personal interest im insure

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I was undiagnosed until 34 and I too have always bounced between many creative hobbies. It’s hard to stick with one thing but the older I get the more I cycle through them so I’m becoming rather skilled at many of them.

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Absolutely 💯 - and it’s absolutely a thing. For me, it’s one of the ADHD Superpowers 🦸‍♀️ „Two core symptoms, inattention and impulsiveness, suggest a connection between creativity and ADHD. Inattention, which occurs more frequently in those affected with the disorder, likely leads to mind wandering, or the drifting of thoughts from an activity or environment. Such drifting can lead to new, useful and creative ideas. In a study, detailed in the Journal of Creative Behavior, researchers asked 26 college students with ADHD and 26 without ADHD to perform two creativity tests. The first involved inventing and drawing alien fruit without copying those on Earth. Students with ADHD were able to create more unique fruit. Similarly, when asked to invent product labels, those with ADHD were able to come up with less conventional names.“

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