14 days ago

Attack of the ADHD Brain

So I had a Connors test today...they take me back to the room with the computer, explain what I need to do and have me take a mini practice test, then they left me alone to take the test. Here I am be' bopping along on the computer, when about halfway through my wrist starts to hurt, so I adjust the keyboard and my hand position, and keep on trucking on. I finish and go back to the waiting area to wait for my results to be ready...BUT a few minutes later, the girl comes back and says my results are inconclusive and I have to come back another day to retake it. She's like "yeah, there's not enough data since you didn't hit the space bar enough times." Me being SUPER CONFUSED "really cuz it felt like that's all I...wait, did you say space bar??" Folks I kid you not...I got distracted during the test because of my wrist hurting, FORGOT about the space bar, and completely messed with the results. And if THAT isn't the epitome of ADHD, I don't really know what is 🤦

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