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2 months ago

How structured?

Do you tend to get overwhelmed and avoid doing anything, if there's too much structure in your day? I noticed that trackers, apps and lists help me to some point, but if I cross the line I just fall apart and don't do anything.

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Same for me. I’ve always tended to make lists of what I plan on doing for the day or what I’d like to do even with hours. It took me time to accept that the anxiety I felt after finishing the list was the list itself. Of course I was frustrated because I wanted to have something to check if I forgot to something. At the end of the day, I was all wrong, I stopped making long lists ( the little ones with 5 lines are ok for me) and nothing terrible happened, I use calendar on my phone and reminders on my watch if not sure. As @jamtart said the best thing is starting small. I used an app called Atoms, it’s related with the book Atomic Habits ( James clear) and what he says is “set up a habit you can do even if you’re sick” . Really, I wasn’t convinced but actually I’ve been able to have a 2 months streaks for 4 or 5 little habits, then.I combined some of them so that I could add a new one 😱 and it worked. Moreover. : everyday you have a short “lesson” 5 or 6 lines. You can invite someone for accountability and if not overwhelmed you can consult a lot a pieces of advices. When you think about it, starting small makes total sense but I’ve always wanted to start the hard way 😂. I’m always interested in discovering new apps, what apps are you using ?

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It’s ironic that I spend too much time on this app. I think the net benefit is worth it. My structure is very simple. If I micro-manage myself (and I’ve always tended to do this) I will probably fail and feel down and demotivated etc. So every day I start where I am, use what I’ve got and do what I can. Anything outside of these parameters is doomed to failure. Do what you can is the most tricky for me. Because I measure ‘do what I can’ against a typical person when I should just ‘know myself’ (I hate that expression too). So start with small good routines and go to bed proud of yourself.

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