11 months ago

What is bothering you the most right now?

For me, it’s the stupid dead patches of grass in my yard after I spent months trying to regrow all the damn grass! Positive: the lawn still looks way better than it did originally 🥰

TishClark24 avatar

Mine is that I have so much to do and I have my day planned out and I’m 100% guna be productive and then I literally just can’t. Can’t even get myself to do a single thing

kabatty5404 avatar

There simply aren't enough hours in the day for my adhd brain to get enough done!!

ashbell78 avatar

Probably the fact that I'm so energetic and happy and sociable some days but the other days I can barely think of the words my brain wants to say to people. I hope you figure that grass out! I like that you included a positive so I'm gonna try that. I guess my positive is that I feel confident in my social abilities, sometimes. Emphasis on sometimes

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