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1 year ago

Short term memory…

Wait what was I talking about? Haha jk. But seriously, I am having MAJOR issues with retaining immediate information and remembering it hours or days later. I used to see improvements on this when I took my meds, but now even with my meds it’s worse than ever. Super frustrating professionally, and it impacts my confidence in my role. Blah.

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If you start feeling like you did before starting your meds this is a good indicator that you need your dose increased. Journal your symptoms, and your daily Summary so you can pinpoint if you're taking too much on, not taking your meds at the right time, other meds are interfering with your ADHD meds, or if you really do just need an increase. It'll make talking to your Dr a lot easier too! I use the Daylio app. It's fantastic. I customized a template for starting ADHD meds. May __, __mg ADHD Med: Taken __:__am, other morning med taken __:__am, B12 __:__am, __oz coffee started at __:__am, __oz water throughout Day •symptom •symptom Daily Summary:

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My strategy to combat this is to write literally everything down. If there’s a chance I might need that information in the future, write it down. Ideally as a digital copy somewhere so I can search for it later. I have also found, like you, that the meds don’t really help with this aspect of things. So we’ve just got to come up with coping strategies that minimize the impact it has on our lives.

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I have a similar issue and am not sure if I need to up my meds or find other strategies.

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