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10 months ago

Feeling stressed

I have to move on the 31st and I have to pack and move everything myself and I'm just super stressed and anxious about it cause I lose track of what I'm doing and forget alot any tips you guys can give would be appreciated

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Start with one area and clear it. Put out several boxes and put them into categories. Then just sort through that area. Say a desk for example. Papers and unopened mail get their own box. Any stationary stuff gets their own box. Any miscellaneous items are to be sorted and get their own box. At the end of clearing this area and If you’ve got two boxes that aren’t full and are similar enough, combine the contents into one box (which will free up one of the boxes to be used for a different are that you will clear later that day or tomorrow)

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To-do lists work well for me

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Post-its are great as is Siri. Having someone who can helpyou is even better. What has helped me is to purge/pack one area at a time. If I go from one to another, it takes so much effort to transition back. Hope all these comments help!

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If you have siri or something similar just yell at your device to add something to a list or add a reminder every time you think of something. You can also carry post its around with you 24/7 to jot things down. It’s no guarantee that you’ll do it, but at least forgetting won’t be the reason you don’t.

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Sam ZT

I had to move in February and it was terrible for so many reasons. Start today! Just a little bit! It will get easier 🙂🙂

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