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11 months ago

Why are some days a struggle and some a breeze?

I can’t be the only one that has days where you’re busy from when you roll out of bed until you go to bed at midnight…..but then there are other days you barely roll out of bed and stay in your trackies or pjs all day eating cheezels out of the packet…..what’s with that?!

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It's control motivation and movement and we have less and constantly look to higher it but it's like a drug with a tolerance..if you do too much of something you like you'll grow a dopamine tolerance and it won't raise as much..that's why we have to do things we like in moderation or do a bunch of different things we like at different times and change it up all the time..happens to me all the time where I go to sleep feeling great and on top and then wake up and it's all gone..I've found that forcing myself up and creating a morning routine is key..go right outside and get sun before anything else..everyone should do that adhd or not

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I struggled with that, but I have it under control now. The first thing in the morning is making a bed, pushups, and showering. Works fine for me.


Me too

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I just relate so much. I don't know why at all, but it is frustrating. I have a very not productive, not focused and sore day. My back hurts so I need to sit often and having to stop doing something for a break every 5 minutes is a production killer. I always find myself doing something else when I stand up again.

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Honestly I just try to go with the flow of what my body is telling me when it comes to that. But I'll still try to give myself one small task to complete so I don't get into the habit of doing nothing and ignoring myself when I need to do things. Even if you can't get out of bed try to do a task that involves staying in bed so at least it's something and something is always better than nothing.

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ADHD burnouts! Apparently people with ADHD have more extreme burnouts than neurotipical people. I've searched high and low for tips and tricks to deal with it, but the only thing I can find is "be aware, and give yourself grace". If you find a better answer than essentially just riding it out please let me know!

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YES! It's extremely frustrating, thinking that you're going to be as productive and proud of yourself as your busy day, and then you can barely make yourself get out of bed

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