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9 months ago


When you are in a deeper procrastination rut than your usual, how do you pull yourself out? I’ve talked with my therapist… it’s not depression… but I’m falling further behind and it’s spiraling on itself. Motivation meter is in the negative

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Self-compassion helps me since I have a tendency to judge myself and use negative self-talk. Instead of focusing on what I’m not accomplishing, I try to give myself grace, name my emotions (this may lead to the actual reason you’re procrastinating more than normal), validating my feelings, and using coping skills to move the tiniest bit forward. Sending you positive vibes!

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I think I just found a silver lining to my forgetfulness. If I forget how far behind I am, and I can’t find my to do list - does that mean I get a fresh start every morning?

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Have you tried changing your routine? Visiting different places? Choosing different paths? Meeting other people? Getting to know new people? I believe that distancing yourself from your usual routine can help you gain perspective and better identify triggers.

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