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9 months ago

what hacks have you come up with?

that work exclusively for you! I love hearing how people hack their home environment to make it work for them so I’m not really looking for hacks so I can try them, just super curious! Mine is I was soooo awful at remembering to scoop my cats litter so I placed a super small kitty litter box and a scooper right beside her box and within sight so now I do it much more regularly :)

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Leave your shoes on when you get home from work and you need to get things done! Once I take my shoes off I’m literally done for the day.

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• Using online auto deliveries for pet food/deworming and defleaing treatment so I don’t forget • Getting click n collect orders so I don’t get distracted buying extra things I don’t need. • Making sure there are easy ready-to-heat meals in the freezer or pantry. They might be slightly more expensive, but are still cheaper than deliveroo or DoorDash! • Replacing bin liners - I have a roll of bin bags in every room that has a bin. • Refilling soap dispensers - there’s soap refill containers in the bathroom and kitchen. It’s close so there’s less chance of distraction before I refill! • Post-it notes • A quick checklist for what I need every morning for work/what I need to pack the night before. I just print out a few copies

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The hack for tiny trash cans all over the place helps me, or finding what item I have that needs corralling the most, like charging cables and donating a drawer to just that item, even if it’s in my kitchen near where I need them, see thru storage bins where I can see in, folding clothes, I stopped that 20 years ago in college, hang it all up or steam the wrinkles out as needed. Also got several charging cables that have the 3 major ends on them in one cable

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