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9 months ago

Face Blindness?

Does anyone have trouble remembering faces and names? When I see someone I should know from work, for example, outside of work, I hesitate to say anything cuz they are only vaguely familiar and often I don’t know where from. It took me three to four years to learn the names and remember the faces of about ten people when I was at my last job. I find that those who have very distinct features and who I see daily I learn about the easiest. What strategies do you have to help you put faces and names together?

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Jim kwik Ron white and Anthony metevier have been my main go tos

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Don't have a strategy for that. I remember faces but don't remember names and if I see some familiar faces on the street I know that I know them but don't remember where from, it takes time to recall.

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I feel you. My youngest have started in a new daycare. I only know the name and face of three of the adults, and two of the kids. My son is in his second year in the local school, and I have no idea what the kids and parents names are 😂 I have met them in several occasions, and we have introduced us to each other, but I have no idea when I meet them outside school. Embarrassing, but I tend to tell them that I was busy so I didn’t see them.

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