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This whole Diamond under pressure thing, but sometimes staying Coal

People with ADHD tend to procrastinate because of the lack of motivation, but that doesn’t mean we won’t get things done. But in my terms, it ended up in situations a neurotypical person could never imagine or just face in their nightmares. I am pretty sure a lot of us did unbelievable tasks in less amount of time than other persons, cursing your own past self for procrastinating. Finishing retrospectively, it felt like you had got a cheat code. But between start and end, you built up hyperfocus and fixation, devoting your whole life to finishing the task or you felt like living in hell, still devoting your whole life to the task, more of fixation, less focus. In school and university, it resulted in situations where tutors told me: “I expected more, but it’s enough”, without knowing that I did a week’s work in about 2 or 3 hours. Or in the opposite, same amount of time but an amazing outcome. In working life, I try using this skill for speaking in front of people, assessment centers, or short pitches. I am calling it my MacGyver mode. Most preparation for things I already did in my head, not able to find a time to prepare slides or sheets, so why not involve others in my process. Improvisation is giving me potential and learning to face different situations, also it helps others to participate and show their inputs. In my current job, it is working really good. People who judge me for my lack of preperation I am trying to give another perspective and doing jokes about their bad improvisational skills. But what is your “pressure makes diamond” story? My nightmare story for a neurotypical person: I wrote my bachelor thesis in a week for sociology. The eleven weeks before, I just read 2-3 books here and there. I copied my thesis an hour before the deadline in a copy shop on campus. The grade wasnt amazing, but I was fine with it. Or I wrote a five-minute wedding speech for the wedding of my little brother, in 20 minutes on the way to the location, because his best man prepared nothing. It was a very overwhelming moment with a lot of crying and laughing.


I also wrote my Bachelors Thesis in a week and I got 9 (out of 10)! Actually I didn't recognize that until just now... 😳 Because of your story. I'm not diagnosed and the idea that I might have adhd has been brought to me just a year ago by a friend. My psychiatrist told me I don't have adhd because I had good grades as a kid but not sure that it's the only way to base the evaluation on...😅 I absolutely do things last minute but I have thought about every single detail in my head so I can actually achieve great results when I do the task.

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