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26 days ago

Studying and ADHD

Curious. How do you all manage college? I’m worried to enter college again (I took some time off, and got diagnosed with ADHD…) I’m a bit worried since I will return next semester. Sitting in the aula with 200 other students and learning about stuff that was BEYOND my knowledge, yet possible to learn made me feel as if I was going to EXPLODE. Not because of the courses themselves, but due to the amount of studies and lack of ability to sit down and concentrate. I am also a slow learner and usually need more time to process information. I’m worried that I wont manage. I now take Elvanse, but I have not tried it at college. Yet, it’s not a miracle cure. It helps me somewhat, but not close to as I was hoping it to do. Any advice?

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You should try to let go and accept the negative experiences from the past. You now know the reason for your past struggles and that in itself is already a powerful tool. Knowing what your personal challenges are is half the way to managing them and the medication helps you to stay on track. Hold yourself accountable, maybe journal in the evening to keep track of what went well and what needs fine tuning. And please lose the mindset that you are a slow learner. ADHD brains are super fast, they just need to actually start if what you’re learning is not interesting enough. You now know why you thought you were a slow learner in the past. Reframe that thinking will help you reduce negative self talk. You got this!

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The only way I got through college is a tight group of what turned out to be other ND students and we all worked and hung out together. Along with lots of mini deadlines and accountability I was just about able. Good luck and don’t be afraid to ask for accommodations

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