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10 months ago

School anxiety

I’m very nervous for school to start up again, it’s my last year of HS. I’ve recently been diagnosed with ADHD, and over the summer I’ve found myself getting more and more unfocused and scatterbrained, any help?

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I’m sure getting the diagnosis has also put some of these things in the spotlight and you’re noticing them more. Also not have a set schedule can make you feel that way. Maybe try to set a schedule and that will help. It will also prepare you for the school year.

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I understand this a lot. When I was still at school, I used to spend my entire summer holiday terrified about the academic year to come and was constantly checking the website/my emails for timetable updated etc. I always put this down to anxiety as I was undiagnosed at that point (undiagnosed with anxiety also but that was fairly obvious). Looking back, it makes sense that it was also ADHD and it’s common for ADHD to cause feelings of anxiety anyway. I’m sorry, I don’t really have any advice other than the fact that I can empathise because it is actual hell. I hope you can allow yourself to relax a little bit over the summer however. You deserve to relax. You don’t need to be on high alert all the time, despite what your anxiety is telling you 💛

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If you wind up forgetting stuff easily just do what I do and write it one your arm/hand. That’s how I get through school. When I have homework assignments I write on my arm so I won’t be able to ignore it


Hi! If you have a friend at school, you can ask them if they will be doing something to prepare for the new school year. Or maybe a sibling who has been through it recently. Having some idea of what will happen in the first few days may help

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