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1 year ago

Task sublists

When are they adding task sublists? Everything on my list is becoming overwhelming after I've been down the tasks into manageable bits because I can't indent them under a single task title.. I'm trying to do task titles as separate tasks and then sorting the tasks but it's too hard to keep up with what is what. Any suggestions? Maybe if I add emojis to the task "titles"?

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I also wish they would allow us to delete stuff or hide stuff easily. There’s things on this app I didn’t realise were visible and can’t get rid of! Have messaged them a couple of times but no joy yet which is stressful and putting off using app due to it.

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Personally I have for the moment some routine tasks on the app, I numbered them with 1), 2)… for the morning and 1-, 2-… for the evening haha You can see them on my profile, but for you it will be disorganized et even more overwhelming, but you can order it for yourself and the daily tasks usually stay in order in your day to do list But well, there are a lot of things missing in this app and I still do not understand the price of it 🥲

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