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11 months ago

Anyone else struggle with waking up in the morning?

I find it soo hard! I can set al warms have mum wake me up but nothing works I physically can’t wake myself up or if I do I instantly fall back asleep and wake up at 11

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I now live with a roommate who gets up earlier than I do (his dog wakes him up at 4am to go outside. I have to teach a 8:30 am class this fall so I’ll be using this to adjust - but ugh :( it sucks

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I have been that way my entire life! I have tried everything, but it's just how my body works. It sucks for work, I picked a profession that thinks everything needs to start at 8am🙄 The one thing that works most of the time for me is having a sig. other who gets up really early and he makes a lot of noise!! That gives me the time to slowly wake up and join the land of the living.

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Depends about your life, maybe you are just one of these people that works good at night hours. If you have school or strict job that's annoying, long term it can help to have a flexible job where you can work from home and no one really cares what you do and how you get there as long as the job gets done. Other than that, make sure your alarm clock is super annoying and outside your room so you have to get up to turn it off

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