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1 year ago

Social Media

Who struggles to stop mindlessly scrolling through social media? It is my default now and I want to try to reduce my time on there

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Its eating my brain

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Opal is another good app for blocking, the free version is enough for me. I’m still finding myself on my phone too much generally though. I want to do my creative hobbies instead, but i have to get on top of clutter first and have my spaces set up for them. It has to be as easy and frictionless to start my hobby as it is to pick up my phone, and right now it’s not

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You can try screenzen! Its a bit of a pain to set up but once its there, and you configure the restrictions to your liking- its pretty effective.

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I use an app called Freedom that will block access to any apps I want and I can set it up to start on a schedule. I’m only “allowed” 3 hours a day for social media and I find that I don’t always use it during those times. It has been the only thing that works for me. Even after deleting apps I would just go to the mobile site.

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chunky monkey

Yes! Doing it now 🤣

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I have a pixel and I put a digital wellbeing timer on my social media apps so they warn at 5 and 1 minute left and then "lock" me out. I can unlock but that's too much work, lol.

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I make it a point to stand up when I'm on social media to help me limit my time and remain aware.

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I just scroll mindlessly at anything, then I get fed up and low because I haven’t done what I intended!

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My option is deleting this apps, I’m deleted instagram and twitter, because it’s so difficult to do something if you have “free” dopamine. And my way is turn off all of notification, from all apps. Exception only banking app and one messenger for work.

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I use the app onesec to help me reduce my use of social media, it sets up a shortcut so that when you click on your social media app, onesec is opened and it makes you take a breath and consider whether you actually want to continue to the site. You can also set it up so that you can decide an intention for using social media at that time and get a notification after a set amount of time to check if you’re still following the intention! I find that the most helpful, cos I’ll go on to post something, but then just start scrolling, so helps to be reminded of what I was doing and to get back off the app when I’m finished!!

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I used that one too, but the tasks you had to do to use the app became a game for me and I would close them just to start onesec 🙈

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Thanks for the recommendation! I just downloaded it and will give it a go!

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I'm the same, however I have now found "focus" mode on my phone where I can block notifications from different apps and even calls and texts if I want to. I can set it for a certain time and then I know that's my time away from my phone to get things done or just have some me time.

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I used to. Now I make sure I log out of social media whenever I go back into to to stop the endless notifications and that temptation to just open the app.

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