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1 year ago

Would it be stupid to "practice" getting out of bed?

My BIGGEST problem is literally just getting out of bed to get up and do things. I just..... won't. I put in 'get out of bed' as a task and the app actually broke it down for me 😂 which is both hilarious and awesome. Would it be dumb to literally just practice 'put feet on the floor' and 'stand up' without the expectation of it being to stay up and do chores?

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Sam ZT

Not dumb at all! I think mostly due to my procrastination that I wake up every day so anxious and with full dread and want to cancel everything. For a while I was taking my Adderall in the AM to help, but I was going through some pretty terrible stuff, so I had to stop bc it increased my anxiety. Don’t be ashamed of that task though! When this app has me do an exercise and break down the steps, step 1 was legit, wiggle my toes lol


I sleep with the curtains open! Just figured this trick out… I’m 39 😅

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It takes me forever, it seems, to get out of bed. I have three alarms: two on my clock and then there’s my cat! Maybe I should try just putting my feet on the floor. I read somewhere, too, that taking your stimulant med (mine is Adderall) and wait for it to kick in also helps. If I could remember to take it first thing in the morning it might help!

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I use to practice this. It did help.

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That’s a big one! It’s usually on my list

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