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10 months ago

I wonder if it's better to carry a smaller sketch book vs a bigger 1?

I want too stay daily sketching to improve my illustration skills and draw daily. I struggle starting the task and I'm starting to wonder if the size of my sketch book henders this. It is 8x11, would a pocket size sketch book trick my brain into seeing the task and more achievable? Have any of you struggled with something similar? Appreciate any and all tips or hacks! šŸ’ššŸŒ»šŸ‘āœŒļø

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For some reason, I have landed on a square book, 20x20. A5 is too smal and A4 too big šŸ˜…

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Iā€™m assuming you are saying 20x20 centimeters, right? 20x20 inches is too big to carry around šŸ˜ (Iā€™m American) Btw, I like the idea of a square sketchbook!

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