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9 months ago

Morning Routine

Hey fam, I'm really struggling to implement a easy and healthy morning routine, I'm interested to know what everyone's mornings look like? 😊

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- get up at 7 - drink water - make coffee - look at the numo app XD - brush teeth - wash face - make milk for my baby boy - dress up - dress up baby - take baby to the preschool - go for a morning walk - make breakfast - take meds/vitamins - start working I sometimes skip something, but after repeating this routine for three months (I consistently add one more thing) I manage to do almost everything in the morning

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Hey there! So my morning routine is - Get up Make the bed Open the curtains Make coffee Get the kids breakfast Shower Cleanse face in shower Brust teeth Put on Makeup do hair Get dressed Get the kids dressed Then out the door My biggest tip that has helped me amazingly is don't go on your phone until you're out the door. Not even a glance except to turn my alarm off. I don't open social media or email or anything. I found doing this has really helped me focus and get ready quicker. Hope this helps!xx

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Stress is my key word. Wake up at 8, make my bed, bathroom, wake kids, while they eat I brush the little troll’s hair, quickly get them dressed and drive them to school/day care by 9. Then I go home to drink loads of coffee with my dog πŸ˜‚

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