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1 year ago

Time blindness

Tips and tricks for battling time blindness? This has been my biggest problem lately and just don't know how to deal

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Tiimo is an app that was designed for time blindness. I think it's relatively new as it has a place in the settings to contact the creators with things you wish they had/had differently. I'm not 100% in love with it, but I do like it the most of all the apps I've downloaded to help with routines, and time management. It sends you notifications when activities start, when they end, and they have a visual for time passing for each task.

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I have a pomodoro alarm that has been so helpful. This way I can see how many minutes I have left for my activity.

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I have multiple morning alarms set for getting ready for work. They are set to go off every 15 minutes

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If you have a mac I use Next Up for meetings. Otherwise I set my calendar reminders to go off loudly with 1 minite to go so I join immediately. If I'm early I just stay on the call and do stuff. Saw a hack about using a YouTube video that's music with a timer on the tv that I want to try for cleaning or a break

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Set alarms for increments of time

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