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1 year ago

Having stress dreams

For the past few day my sleep has been heavily effected by stress dreams. In them I’m alway doing work but at home and I’m stressed to the point of anger and anxiety. For note I’m a preschool teacher, I just moved schools and they just started back up from the last time it was this bad. The last time I was working at a preschool that didn’t treat me well but I just got to this place like within the past week. Anyone else have these? If so what do I do about it?

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My stress dream is that I have to travel or move somewhere, I’m late and I have to pack a lot of stuff that never ends. Such a wierd dream and I get it in periods when my anxiety levels are higher than usual

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I have these dreams as well… I don’t know how to stop them but I’ve found fighting them makes it worse. I just wake up and watch a light show on tv til I can get it out of my brain.

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