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9 months ago


Hi, Im new here and i was wondering if anyone had any tips on how to deal with being overstimulated. My mom always told me to lay down in a dark, silent room to relax but lately its gotten to a point to where even with no light and ANC(active noise cancelling) headphones it seems to just get worse. It seems like im getting overstimulated almost everyday now when it used to be every now and then. If you have any tips please let me know. Thank You.

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A long walk in nature.

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Welcome to Numo! :) Overstimulation is so common and unpleasant to sit with. For me, what’s helped is ear muffs for construction workers, a warm and fluffy blanket, deep belly breathing and other grounding exercises like putting my hands and face under a running tap. Other things to consider are: - What changes have happened lately? Eg. From small - like not sleeping well/enough, having an upset gut, skipping meals, through to larger changes like finishing college, falling out with a friend? • If you’re on medication, it might be worth seeing the doctor that prescribed them to you? Hormones change over time and that may affect the effectiveness of your meds. Dosage might need changing/the doctor might suggest a different med depending on your needs. Hope that helps! :)

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