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9 months ago

Executive Dysfunction or Shutdown? The AuDHD eternal question…

I’m a writer but I can never actually get around to writing anything. Every time I try I just get so bone deep tired that I usually end up having to lay down with a Video Essay (my preferred entertainment) until I end up taking a way too long tap that leaves me stiff and groggy. It happens with a lot of things - like cleaning, personal projects, etc. Why am I like this? I wish finding out you’re neurodivergent came with some kind of information package!

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I’m not a writer but good at creating/repairing things, feels like I use all my creativity on the job, then at home, I want too do something creative have no desire/energy , and the weekends turn in recharging sessions so I can just do it all over again, sometimes I day dream that if I had a few weeks off, I would use some of my creativity on my own projects … but probably would just end up doing something else instead

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I’ve found that getting started is the hardest. I have started using ChatGPT as a brainstorming tool. I type in the subject, add some bullet points, tell it to ask me questions and the output gives me ideas to move on.

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Oh, I know this state. That's why I no longer write for money. Inspiration is too rare to make it a source of money. But this is a usual struggle. This app says we should make a detailed plan with an initial step which should be very absurd. For example, if you need to write a book and you're stuck, the absurd step may be like opening the document and putting page numbers

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I’m a writer too and recently can only write assignments, can’t come up with anything on my own! It’s frustrating because I have an idea for a book, but can’t seem to start. And I am paid for my articles, but am not getting enough assignments. I feel your pain

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