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8 months ago

hi guys , how do you cope with adhd depression & breakdowns?

i'm in a cycle that i cannot break, please help!! i just want to sleep all the time but i also want to rot because of all the responsibilities that i have!

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I agree with the anti depressants. ADHD makes your mind race…. Meds slow your brain to the speed of your body…. But also giving you time to “process” all the things around you, which can instill depression. I thought I could just “stop taking” them… my oldest will tell you it was NOT good! I lost my $h1+ on EVERYONE for very minimal reasons.

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It’s not just me?! I’ve been feeling this way too!!! I feel like the ADHD is controlling my life SO MUCH lately! I want to do nothing! I stare at tasks and just avoid! And then binge eat out of guilt.

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Medication. Try Trintellix

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Has that given you any side effects? It made me vomit three times, and the NP who prescribes my meds thought it was really odd. I do take with food.

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This is such a cliche but honestly when I’ve been sleeping all day / procrastinating everything, the 5 minute rule has helped me heaps. I pick one task (mine today is putting dirty clothes in the basket) and set a timer for 5 minutes. I do what I can in that 5 minutes. If I want to finish the task when the 5 minutes are up, I can, but it leaves me with the good feeling of having achieved my one goal for the day. Otherwise, the other thing my doctor is trying to get me to do is stand outside in the sun for 5-15 minutes a day. Apparently it boosts melatonin levels and helps with energy. Personally I find it boring, so I’ve been trying to figure out how to make it fun, because I think it will be helpful when I crack it.

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One word: antidepressants I was so hesitant to start taking them. Literally it took me years to make the decision. Yet, it’s the best thing that ever happened, I don’t remember being so balanced, happy and energised ever. I realised I had depression all my life, even as a child. I never felt this ‘normal’. Another thing that helps - having a pet. Also, gratitude journals and taking pictures of things that give you dopamine/serotonin/oxytocin rush. ADHD brains are often stuck on the negative loop, I find it helpful to start redirecting the attention the other way around. Plus taking pictures is fun. Breakdown’s are different, I usually let myself feel the feelings until I am exhausted: scream, cry, punch stuff. Hope it helps 👉👈

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