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9 months ago

Scheduling with Sensitive Dog

One of my biggest challenges has been: deciding on and maintaining a daily schedule. My mind is lush with creative ideas, and I like to problem solve, but that can work against me when it comes to keeping consistent. My dog is extremely sensitive, and it’s obvious that he suffers when our schedule is unpredictable for him. I’m having a hard time trying to figure out what schedule/routines work best for me, because my dog is so stressed out about the trial and error part. Ultimately, I am trying to create a routine that’s predictable and low-stress for both of us. Any suggestions?

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That’s tricky. Does “set and forget” work for you? Eg. • Pet food and flea/work treatments on auto delivery so you don’t have to remember to buy food • Automatic electronic feeder - dispenses food at regular times, some are app-connected so remind you when food container is low Maybe consider what parts of the daily schedule is stressing out your dog the most, and go from there :)

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