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7 months ago


I hate feeling stuck, mentally and physically. I can’t even finish this post right now

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I feel you. As others have pointed out it is usually due to stress/being overwhelmed with stimuli. My only tip is to try to take a break and cut off one (or more), of the senses; earplugs/headphones, sitting down and closing your eyes. But this is stuff that works for me, and we are all different. Hope you are able to find pauses and peace! It's important to listen to your body and mind, or else you might get burned out (speaking from experience).

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This is a stress response, a lot of feelings are happening, try to write them down, give yourself a time to allow to stop but also a time to start. It is my everyday, we can do it!!!

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Stuck is so relatable

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Does anyone else like not text someone back just because you don’t have the mental capacity for the simplest of conversations? Or is it just me?

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Or block them? :|

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Yes, I tell myself I’ll do it later and then completely forget about it


I had the same problem for years but I feel better nowadays and send me a message if you’re interested in guidance to get better results for achieving your goals. I have experienced a lot of pain and mental diagnoses in the past, so let me try to help if you want to share and have a friendly conversation. Stay strong and never ever give up! 🙏🏼

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I disabled the notification badges because seing the numbers of emails/text creeping up fed my anxiety

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There are texts I send to people, half finished. Hours, days, weeks later I go back to find an unfinished text. I have but one friend I can send that adhd sh** to who will laugh her @$$ off at the absurdity of the unfinished thought. I can send her a text. And because I’m known to send “chapters.” I loose my focus and go on five other tangents in that damn chapter!

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This is my life. Sometimes the more important msgs are, the longer I’ll wait to open them. Some have never been opened. The most absurd part… there’s nothing to fear or feel anxious about in any of them & I know it but I become totally paralysed. This is my first 10 mins using this app & already I’ve discovered that this is a normal thing for a lot of people. Thank you all. Thank you so much!

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I have put off some things for months, now I need to FORCE myself to get them half way done before the deadlines

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I recently had a birthday and literally couldn’t open the messages. It’s been more than 2 weeks and they’re still unread (texts, FB posts) and now it’s too late to give everyone thanks

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Yeah, I feel ya.. On my birthday 3 years ago I felt so anxious about opening, reading and replying to messages on facebook and whatsapp etc that I couldn't do it for the life of me. I still have not replied to 90% of the people that messaged me.. lost a hell of a lot of friends and social contacts🥲

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In any given day I can have upwards to 34 texts unread. Thank god Apple created swipe left for read! Now I can make those numbers go away at least when I don’t feel like I can deal with them. OR if I accidentally clicked the text, I can unread it so I can remember to go back to it and try to respond later. It can take me FOREVER to do that! And emails are JUST as bad! I have TWO VERY important text and email I NEED to respond to urgently. But it’s always a non-starter. And I TRULY need to figure out a way to contact Amazon. But as it’s freaking chat or call. I’m just so unmotivated to have to deal with them trying to tell me how I’m too late, or I did this wrong, or some other BS that doesn’t fit their non-neurodivergent bs boxes. And have them be condescending to me in the processes and pass me off five times. I just do nothing in a paralysis to it all. Why can you just email them or something so we DON’T have to directly deal with them telling us how “valued we are” as they follow it up with how “they’re so sorry that this cannot be fixed.” Why even bother. Maybe NONE of this is paralysis, but just burnt out of communication at the speed of light?

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I do the same thing! I just recently thanked my friend weeks later, I’m very appreciative of anyone who doesn’t take offense to my procrastination

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You’re not alone, yesterday I had called out of work because of the same paralysis.

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I feel this 💯. I deactivated my Fb and ig accounts because I felt stuck in a loop of unanswered messages.

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