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Gary young
10 months ago


It's bad when you forget when you go into the kitchen or whatever room you went in you know you went in there for something and then forgot what you were going in there for then you go back to the original room and say damn it now I remember what it is then you go back to the other room and you forget again at that point just throw your hands up and just take a nap much easier.

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this happens to me so much!!! it gets so annoying after a while

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I do this too

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The struggle is real! I do this scenario more often than I would like to admit. I also try to a bunch of things I want to get done all tasks in one day or afternoon and get overwhelmed and discouraged then just settle down for nap time instead.

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Very often when I overestimated the amount of things I’d be able to get done in one day I get so frustrated and angry/mad (inner voice being very hard on myself) that I will just start to cry, overwhelmed by the feeling of not being good enough

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