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Sam ZT
9 months ago

Deleting Tasks?

I currently have an 80-ish day streak. This app has helped me tremendously. Now I am at a point where I have a lot of very small tasks that have really developed into habits that I am starting to think it would be more beneficial to me to delete these tasks turned habits in order to streamline my daily tasks. I struggle with overwhelming myself, so the clearer I can focus with less tasks showing on a day, perhaps the more I can accomplish. Also, I could schedule check ins with myself about the routine tasks I cut back on, to ensure that my newfound good habits aren’t slipping. Anyone have thoughts or advice?

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I had the same issue, I split them into morning, afternoon and evening tasks with the subs tasks inside, it really helped

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I've been using tags for grouping, but this may be even better. The good thing with tags is that you can have multiple groupings (morning, kids etc)

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If it’s still to much tasks for you if you put every single routine in with the specific subtasks to it then you could maybe make one task called routines and just put in as subtasks the routines themselves. Or actually you could put the routine name and then below in the subtasks what it includes (i guess that would be a little confusing since there are no subtasks to the subtasks lol) but if you need some tasks of the routines specified i guess it could work

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I'm doing the same thing. Maybe you should create one “routine” task and put all the smaller ones inside using this new “splitting task” functionality?

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