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27 days ago

ADHD and Marriage...

I'm struggling at the moment with my mental health and it is affecting my marriage to the point where my wife is closing herself off to me. The lack of intimacy (as a whole, not just in the bedroom) is causing me to feel down. She won't open up to me, never instigates a hug or a kiss and even when we are close, it's me cuddling her. She makes reasonable demands, I try to follow through and do most, but now it's feeling disheartening trying to chase her affections. Full disclosure, she is depressed at the moment and studying towards her PHD. I am supporting her by completing house jobs and running around after the kids, more than her. It is not a competition, just an equal share as I only work 20hrs a week. Anyone able to give some advice from past experience? Thanks in advance.

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I just started therapy and have found this to be incredibly helpful to open up dialogs on how both my partner and I feel. These conversations have created more opportunities for non sexual intimacy and is helping us rebuild lost connection.

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I think this might be too personal and big of a problem to be solved by people here. Wishing you and your girlfriend all the best x

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