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10 months ago

Wierd dreams

When I forget to take my meds it gives me the strangest dreams. Last night Sydney was invaded by aliens kind of like stranger things all ends but there was one who was basically a giant version of the DC joker. I then stole two jackets from Zara (apparently I worked there? Idk where that came from) before deciding to steal the aliens food and cook their chicken drumsticks in some giant underground food lab. This was all whilst I was living in some hi rise apartment and all the other buildings around me were being raided by government agencies (which my dad was a part of probably based on his history in the armed services idk?) and I continued to repack run away camping gear for me my mom/ dad and my eldest daughter and youngest son to make our swiftly escape out to the sticks but I was so preoccupied on getting all the clothes and gear into easy to grab back packs perfectly organised for survival living. When we finally decided to leave I somehow had a machine gun and was perfectly able to reload and take the safety off and aim etc (never touched a gun in my life) but there I was along side the gov shooting down aliens left right and centre with a baby on my back and getting distracted by pretty clothes, packing bags and chicken. Soooooo yea. Super Odd.

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