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1 year ago

Finally back on meds

And wow, I finally feel like myself again, optimistic, energized, confident. I spent 6 months off medication, first from the shortage and then tired of paying for appointments without getting any medication so I stopped going. It sucks that our medications are so stigmatized. I really feel mentally handicapped without it. My life goes into chaos mode. I feel like it's so easy to destroy my whole life when I'm unmedicated. My relationships, my work, my home, my health, everything suffers. I went ham on supplements during that time, and nothing comes close to granting me the level of stability I get from being medicated. F people who say "only take it when you need it", they clearly do not understand what it feels like to not be able to productively exist in society without assistance!!

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A. D.

Agree 100%: meds saved my life. Luckily there’s no problem with methylphenidate generics in Europe so far.

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Yes, the real stress… and the point that we cannot get the proper medication in our country is what makes me think that one day I will lose it all 🥺 this stresses me even more

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