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10 months ago

bedtime procrastination

every night i get suddenly inspired and full of energy at like, midnight, and i procrastinate going to sleep to spend more time doing random stuff. then the next day i can’t wake up on time, loose track of time and arrive late to work or whatever it is. i know that the way to fix it is by going to sleep at a regular hour, creating a routine, etc. but i’m also procrastinating to start doing those things

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Same here! 7 PM and suddenly I have the energy to stay awake and do stuff. Suddenly I’m able to deep clean some room, usually the kitchen, I cook for the next 3 days, I do the laundry even though it’s noisy, I decide to bake a cake a 2 AM, or pick up on delayed work… you name it, I end up going to bed at 5 AM… and still refusing to sleep, it’s like I need to stay awake for all the time I lost during the day… Then I am able to wake up at 8:30 by myself, don’t know how, and start working (from home). But literally I don’t have the energy to do anything else but this absurd routine. So I’m stuck in this loop and feel that I don’t have a life at all…

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Sleeping is so boring!!

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Yes. This. It’s so my truth as well. Why????? Why do I get randomly (and finally) motivated to do great things at like 11pm? I get so stuck, and so hopeless. I feel defeated.

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Dude this. Yes. It’s like the time between 10:00 and 2:00 are in 3x speed. Recently I have been actively trying to change my schedule because I have 8 Am classes but still end up going to sleep at 3/4 am. It is such a struggle because I know the toll it takes on my body but weirdly enough I am able to function totally fine and be productive on such low amount of sleep, it is when I then actually give my self rest when I feel absolutely horrible groggy and Zombified. I just learned that the term for it is poor sleep hygiene. I want to have more self discipline and tell myself to GTF to sleep but once that boost of energy comes i blink and it’s 5am and I need to be up in 2.5 hours. It completely screws me in the morning. I relate so hard to you and also am looking for any help on the matter! My mother calls it burning both sides of the candle lol which inevitably will make u burn out

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I can feel this- trying to improve my energy levels and bed time routines with this app called „rise sleep“ - it helps a lot because energy during the day has to do a lot with collected sleep debt over the last 14 days. So monitoring when you actually slept (even naps during the day count), preferably i combination with a smart watch but it isn’t obligatory- can help to get an overview and be more mindful of time slots during the day and how to spend them best. What is really a BIG factor- food intake (time and type of food- especially carbs and sugars) I recently got myself the book by Jessie Inchauspé, about glucose metabolism, when to est what- to regulate your mood and energy levels throughout the day and to improve your general well being and health over time

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Try having a treat for bed, I like to game a chill game for a little bit before sleep. Some games you can only play for a little bit

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This is so me, I feel the most energy I have is at 8pm and I want to do everything and anything but go to bed so I don’t actually go to sleep until 3-4am and then can’t function during the morning hours like a normal human being and it makes me feel like something is wrong with me…

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„Rise sleep“ app helps to get an overview on energy levels throughout the day, depending on sleep schedule- it gives reminders when to wind down, avoid blue light/wear filtering glasses or when energy levels are high to do mentally challenging tasks

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Me too! Especially on days I didn't get enough "me time" to calm down and get real breaks.

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Omg, ME TOO!!! My sleep schedule is SO whack! I don’t feel any type of motivation until the sun goes down and I can’t help it. I thought I was the only one!

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