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11 months ago

Breaks or Nah?

I've read a lot of suggestions for time management and productivity that encourage the pomodoro technique or working in timed spurts followed by a break. Getting started and task switching are the places that hardest for me, and I often skip the break because I'm finally focused and don't want to get interrupted. But when I do take a break or i get interrupted, I'll lose and hour or more before I can get myself focused back again. Does any one else struggle with transitions and/or inertia? Any suggestions or hacks?

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Same and you do what works for you! I usually finish a task then take a break or whatever. If it is especially boring then I don’t take a break bcs It will be impossible for me to get back again prefer to stay 10 hours straight and get it done!

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I'm the saaame way! Once I finally get rolling, if I stop I'm done for good

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Well I think I’m AuDhd and… I feel you, I kinda tunnel for 4-5 hours straight and then I get exhausted. So what I do is just take advantage of this when it happens and stretch it to 6-8h, I know it’s not ideal but it works. So what I do is I prepare food or snacks and assorted drinks and I just leave them near me, if I have to go to the bathroom I take whatever I’m doing with me.

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Yes. That is normal. With time and practice, it will shorten.

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