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10 months ago

Singing to myself

One of my favorite coping mechanisms for when I feel my anxiety starting to spike is to start singing my own version of popular songs. My go-to is "We're not gonna panick" to the tune of Twisted Sister. There's also "we're not getting fired today," which also comes in handy 😄

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Good trick! ❤️

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I’ve done this too. Especially when I’m stressed. It seem like it takes your mind away from the stress and focuses on something good. I can’t remember the song that my brain usually goes to but it has something to do with cowboys or horses

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I love that song. One song I've had stuck in my head is "come and get your love" by Redbone. And whenever I'm overwhelmed I always find myself humming that song😂😂 I never knew what song it was cause I never thought of it but realised this year

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