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9 months ago

Do you smoke only as a social activity, too?

I don't enjoy smoking at all, I even feel unwell after a cigarette, but I can't help myself not to smoke when my colleagues do

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Please don’t do it, for the sake of your own body, the earth and the people around you! Try to be one of those who don’t contribute to the litter cigarettes produce everyday- they are one of the top sources for micro plastics 😢 the fine particles in the filter are not bio degradable and leach the toxins into the environment, but will also stay in the water forever, once they reached it. The filter „hairs“ are too tiny to be filtered (the irony..) Also- everyone who smokes takes part in making the air around them unbearable, contributing to air pollution furthermore. I swore to myself to be a non-smoker for life because my dad secretly continued smoking after having „quit“ 45 years ago- he died in 2009, of cancer or the complications of the treatment .. his illness wasn’t discovered for many years and it is well possible that his lifestyle contributed to it )-;

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Me too!

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Glad I'm not alone with this😌 Any ideas how to overcome this? I just don't see this big red flag of dangers of smoking, when it comes to this

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I’m currently a smoker, I only smoke at home. I’ve quit multiple times. If really don’t like it try to stop regardless of the groups you hang out with, your body will thank you now and later in your life, good luck

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It's harder than it looks🥲 But I definitely will try somehow, thank you

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