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11 months ago

Burnout solutions??

Any tips or advice to help me recover and prevent burnout. I have been going for what feels nonstop for weeks. There's no time for me to actually take care of myself and when there is I just sleep. I can't tell how far I am before I end up crashing hard. I want to prevent it preferably, but anything to recover will be great too bc I'm just about there

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Sounds like you need to start letting things go! Say no, and make taking time for self care basics non-negotiable. I get caught in the cycle of taking on too much, burning out, feeling better, and then taking on too much again. It's a tough one to break! It's great you are noticing that you are approaching burnout now, before you totally crash. That means you can put on the breaks a bit, maybe prevent as bad a crash as it could be!

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