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10 months ago


I live in a one bedroom apartment - what’s the best way to set up my office to WFH and not be distracted? I’ve heard it’s bad to have my desk in my bedroom, but all my fun stuff is in the living room!

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1. Dress up as if you're going out anyway 2. Noise cancelling headphones 3. Arrange the furniture so it seems like separate but open rooms all-in-one . Hope this helps!

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Get a room divider if you have the space for it. You can even keep it folded and stored against a wall when you’re not using it. Just something to help break the line of sight in the bedroom and make your office feel more like it’s own space. Hanging a tapestry could achieve the same effect.

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The most important thing imo is to make sure that you are not facing your bed when you're working. So face a wall or a window instead. If you can "cordon off" a little office space with a bookcase next to your desk, or another type of room divider, that will help to delineate the spaces as separate, too. And I think it's important to not roll out of bed and into your office chair, because then bedroom/office will blur. Same goes for the other way around at the end of the day.

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