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11 months ago

ADHD MEDS? Do they really help?

I don’t think the meds are doing anything for me anymore. What else can I do to help with my ADHD symptoms? The CBT and DBT programs I know about aren't available where I live. There's so much stuff online, but I don't know which ones are legit. I've wasted so much money on things that didn't help. I just keep taking meds and see no improvement. Got any advice?

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Definitely. I'm on Vyvance and it for sure helps... but that being said, it's not a magic bullet. It doesn't fix it all. I still have to use all sorts of other tricks, tools and "hacks" to get myself through the day.

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For me, it was also quite a search to find meds that work. Now I have them, and they help a lot, but it's no miracle cure. The issues are still there, but it's easier to fight them. Also: is it an option to check if you suffer from extra complications? Some PTSD-symptoms are very similar to adhd.

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Sam ZT

You really have to be your own advocate in our healthcare system unfortunately. I’d try discussing this at length with your doctor. I was misdiagnosed most of my life, so the meds never seemed to help until I kept being diligent, didn’t give up, and have my psychiatrist and therapist coordinate my treatment plan. I think mostly things are working now, but I do feel like it could be better and like it may be lifelong med adjustments. Good luck!

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