2 months ago

Task vs. Ritual | Today vs. Tomorrow vs. Backlog

I’m confused on the details of the difference between these. Can someone help please? If I make a task today, if it is not completed will it roll over until tomorrow and the next day and so on if it isn’t completed? Or just disappear forever if I don’t do it? How can I make a task that stays until I do it? Same goes for tomorrow, if I make a task for tomorrow does it only last that day whether or not I finish it? And what’s the general difference between a ritual and a task? And what is a backlog even for? I thought I knew but then things I had loaded on went away and I didn’t finish them and can’t remember what they were.😣


_Task: The things we do only once. And then if we check it, it won't come back again (example: write the paper) *If U add a task today and don't do it, it stays until U do or delete it (tomorrow, next day...). *Similarly, if U add a task for tomorrow and don't do it, U see the task till you do it (next day, following day...) _Ritual: The tasks we do repeadetly. Even you do today and check it, if it is a daily one, it will come with tomorrows list again (example: brush teeth, wash face...) I hope I could help a bit ☺️

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