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11 months ago

Mind buzzing?

Anyone else find that their mind “buzzes” with emotions and thoughts almost constantly? Sometimes it even feels like I’m not even “there” - I could be going shopping but I don’t feel like I’m in my own body. The only thing that helped was antidepressants when I took them for anxiety (helped a lot), but they exacerbated the inattentive part of my ADHD and I felt like I needed to come off them in the end because they actually made me feel quite numb/depressed because it took away all the feelings, not just anxiety and stress.

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Yes. I feel that way sometimes. My doc prescribes me something for anxiety that doesn’t mess with me much. I’m trying to remember what it is… grrr. I take it everyday! Oh! Viibryd! That’s it!

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Me! This is exactly what I go through every time I start taking my medicine again too

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Well, that's interesting, I noticed the same thing when I am on my meds 🤔

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