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11 months ago

AI Hack for focus

I had to create a branding strategy this weekend. I know right?? Keeping focus on tasks is hard enough, let alone ones that are boring af. Until I did this. I asked Chat GPT to list what the components are for a Brand Strategy... And here's the magic: I asked it to walk me through the process, step-by-step, one step at a time, and ask me any question you need to make this an incredible strategy. This kept me on track, organized, focused, and in the end, it was fun and I now have an amazing product.

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I just used this and came up with the crazy business marketing strategy, even if you don’t stick to the script, this can take the load off the intital though process, thank you

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Chat got helped me draft an article for a paper. Although not perfect, it gave excellent framework and made the start that I could not do, despitea lingering deadline of a couple of hours.

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Chat Gtp helped me in preparation for my interview

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