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1 year ago

Don’t want to

New to this- but does anyone else have this problem where they know what they need to do, and it is important but then when you get home you lose all motivation and would rather just lay down??

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I hesitate to call any particular ADHD symptom “universal”, but this one has got to be close. I don’t think I’ve ever talked to an ADHDer who doesn’t struggle with this. It sucks, but you’re not alone!

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This is every day for me right now

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Olha from Kyiv

Yeah this thing, when I'm outside it's so much easier to be motivated and to get stuff done! Sometimes I go to a park to read or draw or anything else because I can't be productive at home.

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I’ve seen it a few times in here, so I won’t harp on it to much - but I don’t take my work clothes off until my day is *done*. Helps me keep from getting to comfy most of the time

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Ohhh yeahhhh…the struggle is real!!!

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Everyday of my life, one of my tricks is keep my boots on. If I come home from work and take my boots off I’m done. On my days off I give myself the motivation by pretending to go to work, get (somewhat ready) but put my boots on to get shit done around the house

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Oh absolutely! It’s hard having any willpower for tons of stuff. I find that if I don’t allow myself to sit down and get relaxed I can maintain my motivation and the likeliness that I’ll ease into the task.

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