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10 months ago

Does anyone have trouble with friendships ?

I’m all alone at this point I only have my boyfriend

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My mood swings highs and lows and my impulsiveness just makes it hard to make friends or keep them for that matter

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Definitely, it’s not intentional but my “outta sight outta mind” mentality and the fact that I’m a workaholic to try to avoid facing my mental health issues makes it difficult for me to make friends and keep any I do find. A romantic relationship is easier because I hyper-focus o their needs and ignore my own which is why I keep ending up in narcissistic relationships that drain me and then kick me to the curb when nothing is left and then any friends I do have or try to find don’t want to hear about my problems or feelings so I stay in a vicious cycle going round and round with no way off the merry-go-around!!!

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Absolutely I have trouble maintaining more than 1 type of relationship. I can maintain a romantic relationship but not friendships or visa versa.

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My father in law was probably my closest friend. He was always ready to do anything at a moments notice and took little convincing. He past away 2 years ago and it’s been tough. I don’t know if there will be anyone as close to my heart as he was - aside from my wife of course.

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I have had trouble finding and keeping good friends. I have spent a whole lot of time processing what I appreciate in my friends and dealing with my fear of rejection. I am lucky that I get talking with whom ever easily, and have found my best friends in the strangest places: at the wonderful inclusive gym I go to, camping on a beach with my kids and a friend of my boyfriends friends. Don't give up, and keep working on the one thing you can change: your thoughts. And most important of all, become friends with yourself most of the days<3

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I feel this.

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I find that if they aren’t within my 4 walls I have a hard time engaging. We also find safety in our person. A solid way I have found to make friends or at least socialize is to find group hobbies or casual sports! Or at least something that gets you around like interested people! Good luck I’m hopeful for you!

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