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9 months ago

What do you do for work?

For 15 years I've never been able to stay at a place for long. It wasn't until my late diagnosis that I started to understand why. I love art but don't have enough of a following to bring enough income. So I'm curious, what do you do for work? Do you struggle too or have you found something that works for you?

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I worked as a fashion designer and special operations specialist for 7? 8? years but after burnout and two years of depression I changed the industry and now I'm working as a graphic designer and video maker! I love art as well, it is doable but requires doing two jobs at once (and even a shitty one, before my current job I worked as a waitress ☠️)

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Might sound strange but I’m in sales it’s a hard job not for everyone but tbh I find my adhd blends into the role now management is a big factor but I do things my way the adhd way and somehow it works out!

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I’m a special education teacher for kindergarteners and first graders with autism. I have kept jobs long term because I have an unhealthy sense of “loyalty.” I was with my last school for 14 years within various teaching capacities because I was struggling to complete the credential program. I was laid-off due to the pandemic. I am currently on a preliminary credential extension. I truly believe I have the position I currently have only because there was a mass exodus of teachers in my state when the students returned after enduring virtual learning. I’m working on my third university in the effort to finally clear my special education credential. It took me nine years to get my multiple subject credential to teach elementary school in regular education. I switched to special education when I could not land a full time position after six years. I, too, love art but find it difficult to take the time to create. I’ve sold only a few drawings over the years.


I was with my last company for almost 8 years. I loved it there but I’ve been all over the place for the past 3 three years after I was laid off due to the pandemic. I feel like I’m still trying to find what I really want to do “when I grow up” which is absurd at 30 but that’s where I’m at.

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Me too! 31, but haven’t been in a job for that long actually, 2 years administrative assistant in a humanitarian aid agency, before lockdown I have been a saleswoman in a bakery for 1,5 years, before that I have been doing buffet service for 1,5 years along with my last terms of studying at university

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